Hank Has A Dream - A Review


Hank has a Dream is written by Rebecca Dudley, who also did the art work for this manuscript. Ms. Dudley followed up her debut book with another excellent picture book, which like her first, is published by Peter Pauper Press. This is different from the first in that it contains words, 91 if I counted correctly. The other contained no words. You can read that book review by clicking here. The word count is still pretty low for a picture book, but it is done so well. 

The art work is of figurines just like her debut book. Lovely steams, rolling hills, and majestic skylines are added to the woodsy background we saw in the first book.


What Hank is actually doing is on one side of the open spread. On the other side it shows what the dream looks like. For instance, in one sequence he’s belly down on a swing looking down. On the opposite side of the page he’s looking out of a hot air balloon that’s shown on the book’s cover.


There is a delightful twist at the end that is satisfying to me as reader. When I first read it I didn’t see the twist. It’s that subtle. However, as I read and dove deeper into Hank’s dream it became evident. You’ll have to pick up the book to find out what it is.


I’m certainly a fan of Ms. Dudley and her minimal words picture books. She’s someone you should check out too.


From the Dusk Jacket



In this poetic tale, Hank dreams he can fly. Come along for the ride as he recreates the dream for his little friend. How far will Hank fly? What will he see? How high will he go? These dreamland mysteries capture his friend’s imagination and they will capture yours too. The enchanting images of Rebecca Dudley’s meticulously crafted dioramas set the scene for this gentle fancy. Readers will set sail, gliding through Hank’s world as he discovers the wonders of flight and the magic of friendship.

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