Hank Finds An Egg - A Review

Hank Finds An Egg is written by Rebecca Dudley. It's published by the wonderful folks at Peter Pauper Press. Well, actually, to say it's written is a bit of an exaggeration. It's a picture book that is just that...a picture book. There are no words in the book. Zero. Ziltch. Nada.


This book is an interesting picture book. Picture books have been trending shorter and shorter over the years, but for one to have no words is a little odd, in my opinion. But it's not the only picture book in the world without words. 


Despite the fact that there aren’t any words in Hank’s adventure, the story is excellent. It starts with, as you might have guessed, Hank finding an egg on the floor of the forest. He finds where it belongs. He cares for the egg all while trying to return it to its home. He tries and tries to get it to its proper place. He succeeds after much effort and makes a few new friends as a result. 


Another thing I love about this book is that since there are no words to limit the reader to the author’s point of view, this book can be told by the storyteller in any of the three person point of views. 


The reader can be Hank, the storyteller can make the audience be Hank by using the second person point of view, and of course Hank can be told in the third person where the reader watches from the outside. 


It is brilliantly done. 


The art work is figurines set to a beautiful woodsy background where Hank takes his adventure.  


From the dust jacket

While walking through Storywoods Forest, Hank finds an egg--all by itself--on the forest floor. Spotting its home high up in a tree, Hank diligently tries to return the egg to its nest, but is met with failure each time. After keeping the egg warm overnight, he returns to the scene the next morning. To his surprise, he is met by another forest creature. Will they find a way together to see the egg safely home?

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