Writing Contest-Food as a Friend

I stumbled upon another writing contest. This one is courtesy of A. LaFaye. Visit her website by clicking here.


The prompt was a food that becomes a child's friend. She got this idea from the book Owen's Marshmallow Chick by Kevin Henkes. What's more fun that a marshmallow chick being a friend? Writing your own story (100 words or less) about a food that becomes a friend. 


Without further ado, I give you mine.

Hank from the Tank – Chris Shumate

In a small tank at the grocery store swam dozens of lobsters.


“Grandma,” I asked. “Can we get one?”


“Of course,” she said. “It’ll taste delicious with garlic rolls and these veggies.”


“I don’t want to eat it, Grandma.”


She looked at me funny. “What do you plan to do with it?”


“Keep it for a pet,” I said. 


“No, dear. We get food here, not pets.” 


“Please?” I pleaded. 


Later that night we ate a yummy supper.


I filled my belly with garlic rolls, veggies, and trout.


Later, I sat in my room talking to my new friend Hank. 


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