#50PreciousWords Writing Contest

Hello, there, blog readers. It's been quite a while since I've posted something to the site. In fact the last time I posted something was in 2015 for a Halloween writing contest. 


Well guess what? I'm posting again for a writing contest. I love writing contests because it gets me writing. Although I've written since Halloween 2015 it's not been to the extent that I use to. 


Enough of my yammering on. Check out my 50-word story below. As with most children's stories the art is key. This one is no different. Part of the rules were no art notes, so use your imagination. 


Leave me a comment. And click here to check out what Vivian Kirkland is doing with this contest. Oh yeah, check out the other stories on her site. There's a lot of talent out there. I'm glad I'm not a judge for this one. 

THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY GIFTS (50 words) - Chris Shumate

Tomorrow is Marcus’s birthday. Can we go shopping?


Sure. Let's go.


How much can I spend?


Twenty-five dollars.




No, it's too much.




How much is left?


Fifteen dollars.




And these.


Do you have enough?




Pick something else.


These three. It's exactly twenty-five dollars.


Happy Birthday, Marcus!

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