A Week of Halloween Stories - Day 7

As part of a Halloween writing contest, and in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to write seven short children stories. Today is day 7. If you like my short story please let me know in the comments below. Each of these will be short, 100 words or less. It's the contest rules and it has been fun trying to make it work. Wish me luck! 

Sweet Treats - Chris Shumate

Picture from Pixabay
Picture from Pixabay

Twas the night of Halloween and all through the streets,

Ran children in costumes gathering treats.


A Haunting goblin and a beautiful ghoul,

Ran alongside friends from school.


Between houses in the darkness they ran,

As strangers held out their candy pan.


Twizzlers, KitKat, Snickers, and more,

Kids reached in gathering their score.


Soon it’ll be time for bed,

To dark bedrooms the children will head.


Gathering treats from strangers will conclude,

Once it’s over and November has ensued.


But have no fear,

Halloween comes each year.


And then more treats will be had,

For children to smile and be glad.

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