A Week of Halloween Stories - Day 6

As part of a Halloween writing contest, and in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to write seven short children stories. Today is day 6. If you like my short story please let me know in the comments below. Each of these will be short, 100 words or less. It's the contest rules and it has been fun trying to make it work. Wish me luck! 

The Jacks Hauntings - Chris Shumate

Picture from Pixabay
Picture from Pixabay

The moon wasn’t even full the night the jack-o-lanterns came to life.


Decades of their relatives being smashed the first day of November encouraged their revenge.


Once costumed children retired for the night, the haunting began.


Walking through the darkness, the Jacks knew where to find their sleeping victims.


They scratched and pecked on the windows of their victims. Their faces shone bright upon hearing cries for parents.


A brave child saw the pumpkins parading around the streets.


Suddenly, one jumped from the bushes, “Booga, booga!” it smirked.


Pumpkins haven’t been harmed since thanks to the sweet revenge they dealt. 

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