A Week of Halloween Stories - DAY 1

As part of a Halloween writing contest, and in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to write seven short children stories. Today's is a little late, it should have come out last night. If you like my short story please let me know in the comments below. Each of these will be short, 100 words or less. It's the contest rules and it has been fun trying to make it work. Wish me luck! 

Last Stop - Chris Shumate

Photo from Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay

Dressed in Halloween costumes, Annie and Thomas ventured from neighbor to neighbor, collecting candy.

The porch light cast a haunting glow at their final stop. They crept up the long driveway. Thomas gripped the gargoyle-shaped door knocker as his stomach flipped. The hinges groaned revealing darkness in the entrance.

“Hello,” wheezed a hunchback old man with red beady eyes.

Thomas screamed, Annie ran for the street. Both shrieked the whole way home.

“Ah, well. More candy for me,” the man laughed. He removed his mask and bit into a chocolate bar. It was Mr. Smith, their favorite teacher.

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