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PIcture from Pixabay
PIcture from Pixabay

Hello there, internet world and blog readers. I haven’t been posting regularly like I had anticipated, and intended to, earlier this year. Like many bloggers starting out, I lost track of what to post after a few months of regular posting.


I did want to take a minute to give you an update on my writing adventure. Don’t worry, this post won’t be more than 500 words. 

The most important news I want to share is that whoever purchased a book from me, whether in person or online, you are actually responsible for sending a child, whose family couldn’t pay for him/her to go, to camp.


There were 5 or so kids from the campus I attend who wouldn’t be able to go to camp without a scholarship. The $250 cost is easy for some families at the church I attend. For others, that’s a month’s groceries or a week’s paycheck.


There was a need that was able to be fulfilled by you who bought one of my books. So, thank you! When you stand before Jesus and He introduces you to someone who accepted Him as their personal Lord and Savior while at camp, you will know then that your $10 was well spent.


I am reminded of many sermons that my pastor has given, “We are blessed to be a blessing.” And “We are to be a conduit of God’s blessings, not a dam.”


Through you I was blessed because you supported my writing efforts. I was able to be a blessing to someone because of your blessing to me. Together, we were conduits.


The second thing I wanted to let you know about is that I am in the process of writing a much longer book. It is still with an editor and the last word count was 12,000 words. I anticipate it to be a middle-grade novella. It will be a printed book as well as an e-book.


I have many other picture book manuscripts I am working on, that I will likely post to the website instead of publishing as a book. Illustrators are expensive, and the ones who will do it for free, or cheap, aren’t reliable to do what they say they will do. Artists are worth their pay, I just can’t pay what they’re worth. But, I digress.


Well, there you have it, my two biggest pieces of news.


If you would like to support another function in the future, click here to purchase the Kindle edition of the book. Not into Kindle? Click here to get the physical book.


Once again, thank you for your support. 

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