Owning Your Ministry vs Renting Your Ministry

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

I had the great privilege of attending a conference that focuses on volunteering in the kid’s ministry February 28, 2015. In February all of my posts were on the topic of kid’s ministry. The Live to Serve event inspired me to continue the theme of kid’s ministry for my posts.


Adam Duckworth talked about his wife’s reasoning for not wanting to do certain things to the home they are currently living in. He also talked about the exciting journey they are embarking on with a purchase of a home that will be uniquely theirs. 

The premise Adam talked about was having an ownership mentality verses a renting mentality. Renters will and will not do certain things to what is being rented. Owners, on the other hand, will treat what they own differently, as in better.


Owners will take better care of their home, vehicles, and such. Renters, well…not so much. Some renters are different than others, but, by in large, renters don’t treat homes, vehicles, and such the same as owners do.


The correlation Adam made was to serving in kid’s ministry. Renters don’t show up for meetings, they don’t review the curriculum, they don’t call if they can’t show up to serve. Basically, renters can’t be counted on.


Owners are the ones that can be called on to do things. Owners step up to the plate when the no call, no show volunteer isn’t around. Owners review the curriculum and are ready to engage the kid’s each week they are on the schedule to serve.


Can I be gut level honest with you?


I am guilty of being a renter more times than I care to admit. I really enjoy serving in the kid’s ministry. But I let the curriculum fall by the side too often. I am busy doing other things throughout the week that I am not intentional about reviewing the stuff.


Before serving, my attitude isn’t always the greatest. That’s a renter’s mentality. However, I have found that once service starts, I am energized and renewed. I leave with a great attitude.


Adam’s talk got me thinking about my attitude and how I do ministry. There are many things I do well. I show up for the meetings, I respond to serving requests, I volunteer wherever I’m needed when I’m not on the schedule. I can be counted on to at least be present in the classroom for the kid’s in ministry.


However, as I mentioned above, I still have a renter’s mentality too many times. As an owner, I need to be committed to reading the curriculum, learning my large group lines, as well as others.


Here’s a quote from the conference that got me thinking deeper about being an owner:

Owners invest more for a bigger return. When we take time to invest more, the return is exponentially bigger in the lives of the kids and families we get to invest in.


In order for me to be an owner I have to work on the areas I fail in. I want my life to matter in others lives. I want my life to matter in my family’s life too. If I expect others to be owners in their ministry for my son’s benefit, I must first be an owner who’s fully committed to all the time.


Regardless of where we serve, be it kid’s, youth, young adults, etc., God will give us a return that is exponentially bigger in the lives of others. When we teach God’s word to others we are His mouthpiece. We must remember what God said through the prophet Isaiah in 55:11,


“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”


In our own life God will provide well because we are giving of ourselves. He will provide an exponential return in the lives of the ones we get to influence; His word will not return void.



Are you guilty of being a renter instead of an owner? Leave me a comment below as to what you think. 

I did an interview with the folks from Write Along Radio. Click this link to read the interview. I would love to know what you think. 

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