Two Crazy Reasons People Don't Put Their Kids In The Kid's Ministry

Photo: 1st Baptist Church of Dexter
Photo: 1st Baptist Church of Dexter

Putting our children into places we aren’t sure about is intimidating, especially when we are some place new. The world is becoming more and more of a scary place, I understand that. You would think a church’s children’s ministry would be a great place to leave you children while you attend adult services. Yet for some strange reasons not everyone is comfortable leaving their kids in the ministry. Maybe it isn’t even about comfort for some. 

Keeping with my theme of Kid’s Ministry, I want to give you two crazy reasons people don’t put their kids in the kid’s ministry. These are many more reasons, but I think these are a couple of the craziest.


1.     Parents want their kids to see them worship.


This reason tends to be given when the kids get out of diapers. Parents want their kids to see them worshipping God in the big room. I get that, but here’s why this reason is crazy: Church services shouldn’t be the only time your kids see you worshipping God.



If you only listen to Christian music on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings while you’re at church then your kids aren’t going to consider how spiritual you are raising your hands during service. After all during the week you’re listening to talk radio or today’s top 40 hits on the radio. Your kids know if you’re “All about that bass” during the week, and wanting to go “deeper than your faith can ever wander” during church.  


If you want your kids to see you worship God, how about doing it during the other 6 days of the week? Another idea is to serve in the kid’s ministry where they will see you living out your faith on a weekly basis.


On a recent Sunday I was doing run through of the script to host my church’s K-3rd graders. My son, who is in pre-k, was sitting in there with me. He watched, listened, and even interrupted me. But he watches my wife and I week after week serve in our respective ministries, attend adult worship, and worship God in other ways throughout the week.


If I’m not worshipping God during the week, having my son join me in the adult serve is doing him a disservice.


2.     Parents think their children are mature enough for the pastor’s sermons


This reason for people not putting their little ones in the church’s children ministry baffles me. I get it though, some kids mature faster than others. But kids are kids, and we should let them be kids while they are young. Should your 3rd through 5th grader hear a message that happens to reference pornography, adultery, masturbation? Would you like to explain what a eunuch actually is and why kings in Biblical days preferred eunuchs to serve in their household?


I would bet that in your church’s kid’s ministry they have age appropriate lessons and activities for your little one. After all, our kids are going to be bombarded with the realities that society and the world are going through sooner or later. In the meantime, how about we let them learn about the truth of Jesus Christ on their level. That Jesus loves them, He made them, and He wants to be their friend forever.


Let them learn what it looks like practically to treat someone they way they should be treated on their level. I believe that when Jesus said to let the little children come to Him (Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14, Luke 18:16), He meant for them to come to Him in their own way, learning from Him. I think parents hinder their children from coming to Jesus when they don’t allow them to enjoy the ministry that is created for them to learn about Him.


Well, there are the two craziest reasons I see why parents don’t put their kids in kid’s ministry. What have you heard from parents? How can people who serve with kids help parents to realize that the ministry exists for the benefit of the kids and the adults?


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