5 Reasons You Should Be Serving in Kid's Ministry

There are so many reasons why you should be serving in Kid's Ministry. There are certainly more than 5 reasons to be involved in serving the next generation.

Below are my top five reasons you should be serving in Kid's Ministry. These are the reasons I love to serve in Kid's Ministry.

Without further ado...
1.Kids need to know that Jesus made them, loves them, and wants to be their friend forever

The greatest reason anyone should serve in Kid's is because they need to know Jesus. Kids are part of the mission field that Jesus called His people to witness to. When Jesus commanded the disciples to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) He didn't mean for them, nor us, to exclude the children of the world. 

In Acts 1:7-9, before Jesus' ascension into heaven, He commanded the people with Him to be His witnesses throughout the world. Children are throughout the world, so they must be witnessed to. Tons of them are in our Sunday school classes, large groups, and small groups each week.

The same Jesus that wants to be our forever friend wants to be the kids forever friend too. In Kid's Ministry we teach it on their level.

2.Chance to love on kids who may not see much love at home

Depending the demographics of your church you may have wealthy families, poor families, middle income families, or a mixture of socio-economic classes represented in your congregation. Guess what they all have in common: the kids aren't cared for the same. Some are shown love and affection without end, others aren't.
Some of the kids in your class may have experienced domestic violence. Not all kids come from families who love them well. Those of us who serve in Kid's Ministry may be the only form of normal they see that day.

You choosing to serve kids shows them they are loved, even when they feel unloved by others.


3.Within the Kid's Ministry are future leaders

Kids in our rooms each Sunday are the future leaders of the world. The person who cures cancer may very well be sitting in your small group. A future president, governor, city council member, and the list goes on.

We can look at the political landscape and see that our nation and the rest of the world is in serious need of men and women who love Christ. The hope isn't in a elephant or a donkey, it's in the Savior of the universe, and the future leaders need to be grounded in who they are in Him. Kid's Ministry does that.
Serving in Kid's Ministry allows us to be part of the future greatness that is within all kids; the kids need us to help them discover that.

4.Ministry leaders can learn from the kids too

Teaching the Gospel on the level of a pre-k through 5th grader isn't simply dumbing down the Gospel, or watering it down. It is presenting it on a level that they can apply to their lives.

Too often I have found myself too high and mighty on theology that I get the plank in my eye that Jesus talked about in Luke 6:41-42.

Serving in Kid's has brought me off of my proverbial high horse, especially when the lesson is on grace and forgiveness.

Maybe this isn't a problem for you, but it is for me. I have relearned many great lessons by working with the kids. There's a lesson to be learned everywhere. I just so happen to learn lessons when I serve with the kids. I fully believe that we all can learn more by serving them in their environment.

5.Kid's Ministry is just plain fun

Have you ever tried to put toothpaste back into the tube after you've squeezed it out? Have you ever stepped in chocolate pudding and crumbled up cookies, or washed the feet of the leaders and kids who did?

It's stuff like that that makes doing ministry with kids fun too. Jumping up and down during worship, acting like a kid again by singing as loud as you can are only a few of the great things you get to do.

There you have it, my 5 reasons you should be serving in Kid's Ministry. What would you add to it?

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