What Everyone Ought to Know About Serving in Kid's Ministry

There are many things you need to know about serving in children's ministry (KidsMin). It is hard to drill down to what's the most important thing. Reason being you are serving little children for the Kingdom of God.

One thing you ought to know from the start about serving in Kidsmin is that it is a YES based ministry. What does it mean to say yes to something?
Well, after the 2014 Orange Conference, which I didn't get to go to, I kept hearing my campus kid's director say, "When you say yes to kids, you say yes to __________." Within that blank space was any number of things, such as messy activities, dressing silly, praying for the kids in your small group, to name a few. 

From my personal experience, here's what I've had the privilege of saying Yes to:

  1. Sitting with and being a special friend to a special needs child. This little guy preferred men over women. So when he was there and the regular volunteer that was with his wasn't, I got to say yes to hanging out with a child of God while his mother got to go to service.

  2. Being a human jungle gym. No, it wasn't part of the lesson for the week either! Kids love to climb all over people, men especially, while wrestling. The ladies aren't as willing to be a jungle gym.

  3. Being call out of service because more kids showed up than expected. If you're sitting there thinking, "That's not right! He shouldn't have been called out of church to serve." Then my question to you is, what if your kid there that day and needed an encouraging person to love on them? You see, I can get on the internet and listen to my pastor's sermon. However, children don't have that luxury. They can't get online and worship and hear an age appropriate message about God's love.

  4. Dressing up in silly outfits. I have been many things in my role serving in Kidmin. I have looked like Mr. T in a robe, a silly French waiter in a café, a rock star, and some sort of combo that included a hairnet, spray bottle and a broom.

These are only four of the many things I have had the chance to say yes to over the brief three years I have been serving in Kidmin.

Saying yes to Kidmin isn't always fun and games though. I remember a time when a sweet little girl was telling me about her dad and why she was with him and where her mom was. When you say yes to kidmin, you say yes to loving on a child whose home may not be what yours is.

Those of us serving in Kidmin each week get the chance to tell kids that God love them, God made them, and He wants to be there friend forever. That's theology that kidmin volunteers are teaching your children week after week.

I believe the only thing we say no to, or should say no to, is babysitting. Infants and walkers are probably the only exception. But pre-k through 5th grade is about saying yes to teaching kids about God, and saying NO!!! to babysitting.

Do you serve in Kidmin? If not, that is fine as long as it isn't your gifting. If you do, what is something you've said yes to as part of your ministry experience?

Be on the lookout for next week's post about why you should be serving in Kidmin.
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