What Would Happen If You Stuck With Your Growth Plan?

Courtesy of Pixaby
Courtesy of Pixaby

Did you set a growth plan for the year yet? If not, it's not too late. Although starting a growth plan at the first of year is great, starting one at some point is preferable. Stop the procrastination. Click here to get a start.

The heading for this blog post is one that is really important to me. The reason being is that one of my goals this year is to have 52 blog posts. One per week, being consistent with my writing so that I can hone my craft of writing. Along the way I want to engage you, my readers. Well I've missed 1, and am late for this one.

So what could you accomplish this year if you made a growth plan and stuck with it?

Spiritual Life

This year Dr. Chris Stephens issued to Faith Promise Church a 15 minute chair challenge. Spending 15 minutes with the Lord this year in quiet time will greatly enhance your relationship with God, especially if you haven't had a consistent quiet time.

So if you took the 15 minute challenge, what do you think the result of your spiritual life would be? All you need is a chair, a Bible, and 15 minutes. Watch or listen to the message he gave to the congregation of Faith Promise Church.

Family Life

Date nights, if you're married, are extremely important to keeping your marriage alive and thriving. This year it is my goal to have date nights with my wife. Date nights are where we get a sitter for our son, then we go out for supper, coffee, movie, etc. We actually get away.

If you are married and actually scheduled date nights with your spouse, how would your marriage look at the end of year? Do you think it would be worse than it started? I don't. Consistent time with your spouse is needed in our "always on the go" society.

If you aren't married, what family life goal could you start and stick with? Maybe it's reconnecting with a cousin or sibling, which has the possibility to enhance and grow a relationship that has been lost.

Other Goals

What other goals do you have? One of mine is to publish 2 children's e-books this year. I have been working on storylines already. I have had someone look over the storylines too.

If I stick to this plan to publish 2 children's e-books this year, what will happen? For one, it may generate some additional money, which is good. But that's not my ultimate goal of doing this.

My ultimate goal and sign of success with my children's writings is that my son, and other children, would hear Biblical lessons in story form. I am not retelling the stories in the Bible. What I am doing is taking those stories and putting them into a practical story.

If you haven't read my first book, here's a link to it on Amazon. It is now available on the Kindle app. This book will give you an idea of how I plan to write my stories.

How about you?

These are just a few of my goals out of a larger growth plan. What are some of yours? What would your life look like at the end of 2015 if you made a plan and stuck with it?

I am convinced that not only will you excel in that particular area, but that you will be able to excel in other areas too.

Leave me a comment below, telling me a goal of yours and how it would look if you kept up with that goal all year.