Three ways to make the dream work

In last week’s blog post I talked about teamwork making the dream work. I talked pretty exclusively about partnering with the children’s ministry at your church. I even gave you two app recommendations that you can use with your child to better equip them and you for the journey of faith at their young age.


Today I want to look at a few ways we can help grow our children’s faith in Christ. He is the true source of making our dreams come true. When we are submitted to Him, His desires become our desires. His dreams for us become our dreams for us. We make our plans, but God guides our steps.



Here are three ideas for you to use to help ensure your children’s walk with Christ will be successful. There are plenty more you can do. How about leaving me your thoughts below?

1.      Seek guidance from God through prayer.


That seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? A Christ-follower that doesn’t prayer is like a football player that doesn’t hit his opponent; neither can be effective in their job without engaging in the respective activity.


Prayer is our lifeline to God, it puts us in direct contact with Him. No priest is needed, no saint is needed, no incense or other nonsense is needed.


You may plan for your son to go to football camp over the summer. After all, he plays football following in his family’s footsteps. However, seeking God through prayer may reveal to you that your son needs to go to computer camp because he is more gifted in computer coding than football, plus he may have more of an interest in computers.


Without prayer, seeking God’s guidance, you would send you child off to have a good time, and his gifting wouldn’t get developed as much. So pray, ask God what His plans are for your children. As Him how you can make it a reality.


My prayers lately have been trying to figure out what my son’s strengths, passion, and gifts are. Knowing these things, will better prepare my wife and me to help develop the dreams God lays on his heart come true.


2.      Share you walk, including faith struggles and victories, with your children.


I have found that it is much better to learn from other’s experience than it is to learn from my own experiences, especially where pain is involved. I have been fortunate enough to have people genuinely share their faith walk with me. Through other’s marital struggles I have learned how to be a better husband to my wife. Even though I don’t get it right every time, thanks to other’s struggles and victories, I have made progress on being a better husband and father.


Our children are the same way. When a money struggle happens in your family, do you involve the kids in praying for God’s provision? Or are you protecting them from “adult stuff”? Maybe they don’t need to know the intimate details of every situation, but sharing some of the details will help them realize God provides.


I saw this first hand growing up. When my parents divorced and before my mother remarried, I saw her crying more times than I care to remember because school was starting and we needed shoes and clothes that fit for school. Hearing how my mom and my step-dad (the awesome man that help raise me) struggled and still overcame, helps me to have the faith when things seem bleak. So share your struggles, victories, and how God provides with your children, it will give them hope when their dreams seem to be fading.


3.      Be intentional about who your family associates with


I already talked about being intentional here as it relates to milestones. Being intentional is something that must be done in order to achieve anything worthwhile in life. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  


It is important to be surrounded by other families of faith. Jesus said He is with us where 2 or more are gathered (Matthew 18:19-20). Being together with like-minded Christians helps grow our faith; it also helps grow the faith of our children. We all need people pouring into our life, that is what discipleship is about.


If you are thinking, what about reaching the unchurched? Jesus commanded us to preach the Gospel to all the nations, doesn’t that mean unbelievers?


You are correct, it does. But here’s what I am saying: be surrounded by other Christians to grow your faith. Minister to unbelievers with your children when their age is appropriate, but don’t only surround yourself when godless people. Remember what Paul says, “Bad company corrupts good morals.” Many other examples are given in the Proverbs that warn of similar instances. Give the Gospel to unbelievers, but don’t be so entangled with them that you neglect being with believers who will build your family up.



What about you? What would you add to this list? I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.

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