Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Do you have dreams for your children? Do you want those dreams to come to fruition? Seriously, do you? Many parents do, at least they think they do. Saying that many parents think they want their dreams to fruition is a bold statement isn't? After all, saying they "think they do" means that they ultimately don't.



Full disclosure: I am not perfect. I do not always do what should be done. I am writing this for me and parents everywhere that forget the importance of teamwork where our dreams for our children are concerned.




On Saturday, June 7, 2014 John Maxwell had on “Minute with Maxwell” a video talking about the word “Dream”. If you aren’t familiar with “Minute with Maxwell” I suggest signing up. Plus, it FREE! What more of an incentive does anyone need?


In it he states that dreams must be ours in order to be valid. Secondly, he states what gets to the crux of this post, you must have other people coming around you to be on your team, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”




Partnering with kids ministry and student ministry to make our dreams for our children come true is one of the most important things parents can do. Partnering with children’s and student’s ministries is much more than dropping them off at church on Sunday and Wednesday nights. It is getting involved with the ministry through serving and taking part in the resources you’re given each week.




Where I attend church we use Orange curriculum. Each week kids are sent home with handouts for their Scripture memory, and other cool handouts. But what do the majority of parents do with the handouts? They get trashed.




If your dream for your children is that they grow up to be well-adjusted men and women of God, marry a godly spouse, remain faithful to that spouse, and change generations for the betterment of all people, then it is important to consider the church your strategic partner in making this happen.




When you receive the handouts from your children’s teacher on Sunday morning go through it together. Some of the handouts include “Bath Time”, “Drive Time”, “Bed Time” where you go through what they are learning in church that week.




How else can you help ensure your dreams for your children will come true? Here are a couple of free apps I have downloaded. The first is Roots for the Journey, the second is Lead Small. I have played around with these apps, but I am not an expert on them. Download them and check them out.




Helping to ensure the dreams you have for your children come true takes a lot more than just dropping them off on Sunday mornings. In the coming weeks I want to take a look at a few others ways to help our dreams come true for our children. We will also look at how to help our children’s dreams come true. After all, it isn’t only about our dreams.


What do you think? Leave me a comment below. Let's grow together.




Disclosure about apps and such: Anytime I recommend something it is because I have used it and find valuable. I am not getting paid for anything I recommend. I am not an affiliate for the brands.

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