Why I Decided to Write a Book

Thank you so much for visiting. This is my first post to give you a little background into why I decided to write a children's book. I hope you enjoy.


The first reason I decided to write a book was for my son. Fishing Promises is dedicated to him. Secondly, I have made a practice of reading to him since before his birth. A good friend, named Bruce, challenged me to read to Corbin when Alesha was pregnant. Another acquaintance, Stan, told me his biggest regret as a dad he didn’t read to his two sons when they were little, he said this chocking up. I have kept it going since then. Thirdly, and perhaps the biggest reason why, is Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof.

Bruce and his wife bought On the Night You Were Born for us. I read that book to Corbin one evening while Alesha was pregnant. I think it was first time I read to him. She went into labor within 6 hours; he was born within 18 hours of me reading to him for the first time.


As for Stan, he is a big country boy, someone that to look at you really wouldn’t want to mess with. But inside he has a huge heart for his family, and Christ. He found out I was going to be a father at a men’s breakfast. He told me that his sons were nearly grown and his biggest regret as a dad was not reading to them when they were smaller. While he tried to hold back tears, his eyes watered up, and he choked up. I determined that I would do my best to read to my son.


If you are not within Faith Promise Church it is unlikely you will know who Bruce and Stan are, but it is likely you will know the biggest reasons behind me writing my book to Corbin. They are Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof.


There are a ton of books for children on the market. Even within the Christian genre children’s books abound. But I couldn’t find a book that talked about keeping promises in a way that I liked. Here is where Reggie and Carey come in with their encouragement to me to write a book. No, they didn’t personally encourage me, their book did.


Reggie and Carey coauthored Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. There is so much valuable information in the book that I am planning a book review for readers. One of the chapters is Image the End. As I read through the chapter I kept thinking of what I wanted the end of my life to look like to Corbin. I wanted then, and still do, to be a father that adds value to my son’s life. I felt a tug on my heart to write something for him that had my name on it, that represented a hobby I enjoy, and toys and games he enjoys.


Now that Corbin has gotten older he doesn’t always want me to read. I am okay with that. It is important to me that his relationship with his mother is just as strong as his relationship with me. I intentionally think of how I can ensure a better end for my family. A better end is embracing that I can’t and shouldn’t be the only one to read to him. That would be selfish.


In the meantime I will keep thinking of stories to tell him that will give him a Biblical understanding of who Christ is and how He wants us to act in life.


What about you? What have you worked on for the next generation? Are you inspired to start something? Leave me a comment below.

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